Harnessing Virtual Reality Technology for your Next Event

Using virtual reality technology brings a multitude of enduring benefits to your event as well as to your marketing endeavours. Here are three ways to make this technology work for you and obtain the best ROE - return on event.    

A virtual reality tour during the event itself adds tremendous value when shared via your post-event marketing, communications and website channels. This feature enables clients to explore and view or relive your event in a novel way at any time – thus greatly extending the event’s lifecycle. Virtual tours can even include tags to highlight important information or product details along the visit track for viewers. A variety of tools provide enormous customisation options for every virtual visit.    



And have you heard? OFCORES corners the market on this innovative event technology feature after cultivating a rewarding relationship with DiscoVR – now our affiliate company. Through this relationship, we can offer cost-effective 360° and 3D HD virtual tours of event venues.    

Curious to unlock the potential for this technology service, but need to see more? Check out our latest event virtual reality tour and visit DiscoVR’s website.    

During Event:    
Create a marketing experience, a game or an effective demonstration for guests through a VR headset.     The options for powerful engagement with VR headsets are endless. A hotel or venue can show the sweeping views from one of their other properties to potential visitors or partners. A technology company can demonstrate to exhibition attendees a device’s use in real life situations. A digital platform or brand can create a fantasy game for guests to play and promote. Venues or brands can also create virtual scavenger hunts for the VR headset wearer to discover by taking a virtual walk through the event space.    

To obtain wider audience engagement in the above-suggested VR headset scenarios, providers can project on a large screen what the headset wearer is seeing to involve everyone present.

Use a virtual reality tour and 3D scan of an exhibition or event space to showcase or preview the setup for clients, sponsors, exhibiters and others in the event planning stage. Seeing the arrangement possibilities, booth neighbours and presentation locations is an attractive feature in your event promotion strategy.  

For example, at a recent event we provided a model 3D visit of the venue ahead of the event to conceptualize the exhibition and event flow. link.    Further, as mentioned above, any virtual reality tour conducted at a previous event edition will serve as an especially persuasive attendee promotion tool ahead of the current event edition.      

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