Ready to take your event virtual?

Virtual Event Solutions

In the current global health environment, many of you may be facing difficult decisions to reschedule or postpone your upcoming events.

OFCORES offers a bundle of alternative event technology solutions: take your event virtual! Depending on the main objectives of your events, we will consult on the best practices and guarantee a swift set-up of the right solutions.

Virtual engagements

With travel restrictions, health measures and a majority of your target audiences home-officing, consider your events in an alternative way. We provide easy-to-use virtual engagement platforms to continue to deliver quality event experiences to participants through multi-camera, 4k video streaming services.

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  • Live streaming to any number of participants across social media & web platforms – even with live voting for general assemblies for instance
  • Pre-recorded video library and/or presentation materials delivery
  • Combine both live stream and pre-recorded content
  • On-demand events
  • Virtual roundtables
  • Network matching and chat rooms
  • Live games, Q&A, voting, polling & surveys
  • Manage, share & update agenda, session & speaker information
  • Advanced searching tools
  • Event app & live push notifications
  • And more…

Transform your breakouts into virtual roundtables, live networking to 1:1 virtual meet ups, and keynotes to livestreams. Or even showcase products/services to broad audiences virtually. Numerous technology and social platforms will bring your brand to life and maximise audience engagement and inclusiveness.

Virtual events

Your exhibits and experiential event campaigns will achieve higher engagement levels by switching to a virtual event. We provide virtual tours of exhibits and other on-site event experiences to maintain the customized and innovative feel your participants expect.

  • Virtual reality tours with integrated video, presentation or informational annotations add more value to participant interactions.
  • Create virtual reality games on event apps or event platforms

Excited by these alternative event technologies and practices?

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