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Virtual events are here to stay. Even when in-person events gradually come back post-pandemic, creating hybrid experiences will be necessary to maintain a robust audience.

But this is good news, because virtual or hybrid events provide many benefits to organizers and attendees alike, such as:

  • Convenience 
    • More accessible to and less time consuming for attendees
    • Increased audience reach
    • All event information accessible in one virtual event platform, including directories, 1:1 meeting scheduling and more. 
    • Online event platforms integrate with registration systems, as well as capture significant event data to use in measuring event performance
    • Limited or no physical set-up/clean-up
  • Cost 
    • Venue, catering, travel, hotel and other in-person/on-site expenses are eliminated or significantly decreased
    • No financial barriers to attendance
  • Climate Change
    • Limited or no travel required for speakers and attendees
    • No wasted printed/on-site materials production
    • Limited or no waste creation on-site (from catering, etc.)
  • Creative Capacity
    • In an online environment, there’s no limit to the virtual experiences you can create
    • Include as many event resources as you want on-demand

This all sounds great, right?

But with the decision to host an online event also comes countless new questions for many planners: How should you structure your event to hold your audience online? How long is the online audience’s attention span? How do you offer valuable networking opportunities remotely? What are the best practices for video integrations? How do you create a successful online exhibition? How do you implement a studio filming environment? The list goes on!

That’s where we come in. OFCORES provides a comprehensive virtual events toolkit to our clients containing the answers to these questions and more. With our valuable guidance, you’ll be well positioned to realize all your event goals and continue delivering memorable experiences to your attendees – whether online or in-person.



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