DiscoVR - Our affiliate company

Have you heard? OFCORES corners the market on fun event technology features after cultivating a rewarding relationship with DiscoVR – now our affiliate company.    

Most critically for our clients, through DiscoVR we can offer cost-effective 360° and 3D, HD virtual tours of event venues, as well as provide innovative virtual reality services during events.    

EIT_Visit Virtual tour EIT Conference 2019

Such virtual tours are useful before events to showcase or preview venue space setup for clients, sponsors, exhibitors and others in the planning phase. Additionally, a virtual tour during the event itself adds tremendous value to your marketing, communications and website, enabling clients to explore and view your event later and in a novel way. Virtual reality features are even useful for providing interactive games for attendees and exhibition visitors, creating memorable event experiences. 

Beyond the event sector, DiscoVR serves a diverse array of industries, allowing customers to effortlessly discover shops, hotels, real estate properties, city infrastructure projects and more before they even arrive.    

In helping to convert your prospects into your clients, DiscoVR uses the latest equipment and tools, such as aerial drone shots, Google Maps Street View business integration, 3D walkthroughs, 360° and HDR pictures, virtual guided tours and spatial annotations.  


Itching to know more about DiscoVR? We’re glad you asked. DiscoVR’s new website  and our latest inspiration post about VR at events have you covered.

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