10 golden rules from our experts

If you’re considering organising an event, the following advice might be useful to you.

  1. Negotiate and communicate continuously with suppliers since the beginning.  
    It is time consuming but essential to the success of your project! Select the right suppliers for the right mission, nowadays you only want to work with experts. Your weakest supplier might be a real threat to the success of your project.   
  2. Organise a site inspection at the venue.
    This allows you to better visualise the event and its floorplan and establish the overall schedule.   
  3. If hosting a series of event, try to host them in the same venue.  
    It will help you reducing your costs and investment.   
  4. Optimise your costs.  
    If your dates are flexible, try to select calmer days. This will allow you to negotiate better deals with suppliers. In case it takes place during the peak season, make sure to book all suppliers a long time in advance. Sometimes investing in technology can also save a lot of money, as it contributes to increase your overall efficiency.   
  5. Build your suppliers network.
    AV companies, catering, translation services, video crew, goodies… Maintaining a trustful relationship with all your suppliers is crucial. You need them to go the extra mile for you.   
  6. SPOC is his name.
    A Single Point of Contact will make your life much easier! If you want to outsource a bunch of tasks, make sure you can outsource them to one person who understands your needs and who will deal with any kind of issues. 
  7. Look for any public event that could harm yours.
    What’s happening the same day as your event? If your event takes place in Brussels EU area, ensure there is no European Summit on that day.   
  8. Manage administrative tasks on a daily basis. 
    Never neglect your administrative duties. A close follow-up of your invoices and a rigorous monitoring of the financial stability of the event are especially relevant.  
  9. Get prepared to organize travel and hotel arrangements. 
    Your guests, VIP’s and speakers might need support before and during their stay.   
  10. Increase the reach of your event.  
    Live broadcast, webinar, presentation sharing… Engage your audience and allow guests to participate even if they are not able to join physically.  

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