A live, digital or hybrid event. Which option should I choose?

Post-corona, no one doubts the need to meet in-person. On the other hand, the pandemic has resulted in a growing demand for digital solutions. People are looking for a good work/life balance after Corona, and unnecessary travel is out of the question. Most event organizers therefore opted for hybrid solutions in the past year. But is a hybrid event now the miracle solution in the post-corona era?

Hybrid events offer the best of both the physical and digital worlds, but are not always easy to set up. You need to take into account a lot of factors. How do you provide both the physical and online audience with a positive event experience? How do you connect both of them? How do you ensure that the physical event is worth the journey? What do you need to do to keep online attendees glued to their screens and ensure that they resume their participation after lunch or coffee break? What technologies are needed to manage the digital aspect? All of these questions require attention, and it's best to rely on a specialized partner for help.

OFCORES has the necessary expertise to guide your event in the right direction. Scroll through the cases on our website and discover the various events OFCORES has on its record. OFCORES sister company DiscoVR is specialized in 360° photography, 3D and VR technology, they can give your event an extra digital experience.