Making Your Audience Tune In...Not Out

Are you looking to host an event with basic Zoom or Microsoft Teams recordings? Then self-service options probably have you covered. But if you’re looking for professional, dynamic and interactive video content to keep your virtual audience engaged, then you’re looking for an event produced by OFCORES.

The success of the majority of events is measured by attendee satisfaction. For an audience who is not in the room, but behind a screen, premium design, production and technical infrastructure are key to making them tune in to your virtual event, rather than tune out. Working within budgets aligned with these investment priorities, OFCORES is a one-stop-shop for all of your virtual event needs. We use a sophisticated suite of full-service tools, including purpose-built recording studios, speaker prep services, multiple cameras to capture different angles, teleprompters, high-end sound and lighting, and advanced mixing capabilities.

For your outstanding content, we put our deep technical and creative experience to work on everything, from set design to secure and speedy connection infrastructure to optimising camera positions, video formatting and audio for streaming. We also help you integrate professional graphics, intro and outro videos, captivating visual segment transitions and more to enhance your content and create a complementary, seamless event experience. Your virtual audience will absolutely be able to tell the difference.

We’re an enterprise-class partner capable of handling any of your large-scale virtual or hybrid event needs.

Just a sample of the services you can expect from us:

premium virtual event services list



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