OFCORES - The O stands for our 360° events approach

The radio silence is over, it's time to announce the exciting developments we have been working on.

OFCORES is looking pretty fresh these days. We have worked hard to create a new identity that fits all of the existing expectations of what our original brand stood for the international specialist in corporate & institutional events. 

Why a rebranding?

A logo is made to represent your brand: if it doesn’t reflect the values and services of the company anymore, then it is time to consider a new branding. A vital trait of every brand is their logo's capacity to inspire thoughts of their company.

When OFCORES started seven years ago and the former logo/branding was designed, it was emblematic of the company. But no company remains static for long. OFCORES has grown and greatly evolved over time, prompting the introduction of energising  new solutions and missions.

Our new logo 

Our new identity matches exactly what OFCORES stands for today: the international specialist in corporate & institutional events with a 360° approach. Our values? Passion, efficiency, transparency, flexibility and fun!  




4 pillars 

OFCORES is offering 360° event solutions, focusing on 4 pillars:  

  • Event management: The creative process of developing, coordinating and managing all aspects of an event, from A-Z, to plan an event from start to finish.
  • Efficient communication: Creating engagement by reaching the right target audience with online and offline communication tools,  through multi-layered channels. 
  • Experiential marketing: Defining the right strategy and experience to create one-on-one interactions that allow people to connect with your brand. 
  • Innovative technology: We are a digital native event agency, technology and digital innovations are incorporated in every aspect of the event production process.  

"The current transformations are only a milestone in the OFCORES history. An extremely solid team has been preparing these new developments, while delivering each project upon the highest standards. I am extremely proud of our achievements; more news will follow over the next months. We will continue giving everything we have in order to be the reference in the events industry."

Jean-Baptiste De Bock, Managing Director


New look, new branding, new offices, continued commitment!

Impressed? We’re pretty sure we can handle your next event.

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