Our Year 2022

In 2022 we organized a diverse range of events, showcasing our ability to create engaging and impactful experiences for clients across industries. From corporate retreats to large-scale national and international conferences, we demonstrated our expertise in event planning and management, and we helped our clients achieve their specific goals and objectives.

After two years of navigating the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we were thrilled to once again be able to organize in-person events. After a postponed hybrid edition in March, BAM could return to live networking with its more than 1300 marketers on the BAM Marketing Congress in December 2022. It turned out to be a top edition! P95 too wanted to bring its people back together in person and counted on OFCORES to bring together its globally dispersed staff at a team-building event in Mallorca. It was a relief for a lot of people to be able to meet up again.

However, this difficult period also introduced a new concept that has quickly gained popularity - hybrid events. Hybrid events combine the benefits of both in-person and virtual events, offering accessibility, cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, and adaptability. An increasingly popular option for event organizers and attendees alike.

A lot of our international clients saw the benefits of this new event concept. For the European Institute for Gender Equality, we organised a hybrid event in Brussels, attended by 500 people live and another 2,000 online. For WeProtect, we brought together representatives from as many as 112 countries, with 400 people attending live and another 700 choosing to participate online.  At the European Commission's Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) In Barcelona, representatives from cities across Europe were able to exchange their ideas and experiences. The event welcomed 400 participants on site but was livestreamed for the rest of Europe.

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