Personalisation of events. A new trend?

The increase of digital stimuli in the form of social media, emails, digital advertisements, video calls, and all other notifications is driving some people back to more authentic personal contacts. Physical events are therefore definitely not a thing of the past. But the demand for personalization of events is increasing.

Consumers today want more and more input and that also applies to event participants. They want to have control over the agenda and the content of the event. They expect a conference to have just as many stages and speakers as you would find at a music festival. This way, they can pick the topics that best fit their schedule and interests.

You can personalize events in various ways based on audience segmentation. For example, a segmentation based on function (marketers, CEOs, HR managers), sector (health, transport, tourism, etc.), topics of interest, and so on. A good data strategy is therefore at the basis of every event. Collect data about your visitors both before, during, and after your event and analyze the evolution of the data over the various events/years to detect trends. Also, think about post-event surveys with a view to collecting more qualitative data. Based on that data, you can brief an event agency in a targeted way and better tailor your event to the needs of your participants. Personalized content and experiences increase the participation rate and satisfaction of your visitors.

And don't immediately slip now into a "I don't have budgets for that" mode. Positive personalized experiences often lie in small moments, such as a sympathetic welcome push notification via the event app or a smooth digital registration for your different target groups (speakers, attendees, sponsors, VIPs, etc.). With personalized programs based on certain target groups and customized animations, we are already taking it a step further.

Look at the different momentums when you are in contact with your target groups from before the start to the end of the event. Try to make small positive personalized adjustments at each momentum. As a specialized event organizer, we can definitely help you with that.